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THE RETICULAR ACTIVATOR is a part of the brain the stays on alert. It's job is to make you notice some things and ignore other things (if you noticed everything, you'd be too distracted to function). When you buy a new [blah blah blah](, it seems like the whole world has bought [blah blah blah], because you notice them everywhere. That's the reticular activator at work. Use this social graph to help you get what you want. Starts with the heartbeat of the invite code here. (look for site map to congressional leaders forming the laws that will help create your portal to the world wide web in the future) or if you want the easy way out, email me your FName LName Email and CPhone contact information to . Once you have a your back office set up watch the videos then invite your first five brenders and watch your social graph team grow. Have Fun! Call +1 (614) 448-0090 and ask for Coach Z :)
Product/Service by Laura G. Zarlino
Brending, LLC | Are you a insular thinker? Do you help the community in which you serve? Text RippleTeam to 90210 for constant contact training nuggets so your marriage will remain as one for twenty years or longer. Your NLP must include knowing how to communicate better manage better and serve better every day using video and short code technology. Nothing has changed from the dawn of time other than you now can be provided what you want for your product business service cause on your pda in an instant. Does that mean you don't have to be insular? Not at all. Be who you are and do the best you can every day. At the end of the line you only have you and your legacy will be engraved on a server somewhere on the world wide web like it was designed to be from the man that invented the internet. A recent quote from Sir Tim Berners-Lee "ANONYMITY should not be the norm." is required. According to my husband and other community leaders on social networking sites, in order for the web as a whole to advance.
Sir Tim (computer scientist) created the world's first webpage in 1991 after successfully proving that computers could communicate with one another via the internet.
The idea that we could read pages containing text or video or images on the internet and travel from one page to the next with just the click of a mouse was all but a myth before Sir Tim put forward the proposal to his then employer CERN in 1989. Google would not exist without him, and his service to humanity earned him a knighthood in 2004 by Queen Elizabeth. Sir Tim is the director of the World Wide Web consortium, an innovative organization which pushes for web openness and net neutrality. When Coach Z started to ask for open source information oppression started for the community manager in which we serve. Any open source image that was used to produce income for a company without our knowledge or agreement as a partner. Every asset on line does have protection in as far as how the asset is used and by which portal. A respected unnamed organization took the time to ensure is was posted. Why do you suppose it never was there in the past and then a bully put it on line? What purpose has it served? Who gained from that process?  What good has it brought to the community in which our family lives and serves? Sir Tim said "When you look at cyber bullying, you feel that someone who is bullying you should not be anonymous," "If someone is libeling, you feel you should have the right to expose them. "But what happens if you are working for an oppressive company or country? You should have the right to blow the whistle. " Sir Tim called for "delicate judgment". "People should have anonymity up to a point so long as they don't use it recklessly," he said. Which party has been reckless in this matter?
Existing harassment and defamation laws are more than capable of addressing people who misbehave online. Coach Z Mr. Z Brending Klout are all Johns work on line for fan fans player players captain captains coach coaches domestic international Link Data is a common practice now prior to it's pioneered days when my husband taught others the invention under security clearance in the military. Most iteratees understand Link Data as Social Media or Social Graph.
The theory that information on any given topic should be public and connected simultaneously, so that things such as government spending is freely available to any taxpayer. “You have no idea the amount of excuses people come up with to keep data out of your hands, even when you as taxpayers have paid for it," was recorded in the annual of the web at a recent TED talk. Let me ask you a question, do you have access to you rdf from Google, Facebook and other social networks? Start a group on you site and ask this interrogatory, "Do you think social networking silos retaining your data (rdf and now rdfa) and don't allow you transparency?"  Sir Tim quote on the www said "There are no programs that I can run on my computer which allow me to use all the data in each of the social networking systems that I use plus all the data in my calendar plus in my running map site, plus the data in my little fitness gadget and so on to really provide an excellent support to me." This theory is known as "Link Data" and is founded on the idea that all data should be connected in order to better service innovation, industry and government. That brings up the question of how to discern between public Link Data and private Link Data. Public Link Data would mean that information on government spending, on how much it costs to build a school, on the location of potholes, on weather patents, on public transport and infrastructure, would all be publicly available and connected so that researchers can take a snapshot of what areas are most in need of help as well as be able to quickly consider the best ways to improve them. Many of the technologies we take for granted, such as electricity, were invented without a particular purpose. In order to provide inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers more data, linked and sorted by relevancy allowing progress to occur at a far more rapid rate. Private data, on the other hand, would not be publicly available. Do you  think that your personal computers can record everything you do, and connect you to multiple devices in order to create a profile of your life. Think of your personal digital assistant (pda) some call it a smartphone, it can record your  physical activity, your daily routine, the number of parties you have RSVPd to, the amount of money you have in your bank account, and everything you enter onto your social networks, and find what areas need improving. "Link Data does not mean that our personal information should be public,"
 When you have skin in  the game any project takes on a passion. Are you proud of your accomplishments? How about all of the Coaches and parents for the community in which you serve. How about those that gave to the country they live in?. The past is a stepping stone to any future for any person.  Nothing in anyone's past should ever keep them from publically representing those passions. 
A great topic to raise the passion is ask for a 990. In the old days prior to RDFa that was like pulling teeth. Today those reports and the transparency of those reports is possible. Unless you are in a community that like to oppress data.  As our community grows the fact of earning money and showing the public all transactions is important for growth. Our company has partnered with some of best minds in the industry to exploit how you and every iteration is presented for promulgation. Do you want to play with me? The tagline for Brending, LLC. If an image (asset) on line is worth a thousand words but a video presented to you via a sms code is the wave of the future. Our teams desire for every organization and the transparency of how the social graph network is recorded in history moving forward is truly a amazing discovery worth your time to investigate. When you have more than three people in a room it becomes politics.  I respect your position in our community and would like to set an welcome each of you to create a "hang out" with our team of future brenders. Tonight will start phase two of the brending rippln processes. We will be meeting to present the value of what I am doing to raise money for our community on June 25th 2013 at 9 pm. Every fan, player, captain, coach, both domestic and international are all invited.
Laura G. Zarlino

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